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Meet the Team

Alice Rendle

Job title: Head Meister.
Job Description: CEO ( Chief Tea maker ) of an up & coming online retail giant, networking impresario.
Role: Runs the Company.
Favourite drink: Carajillo (….no we don’t know what this is either!!!)
Fascinating facts: Carajillo is actually a Spanish coffee with a slug of brandy! Perfect for a winter morning. Or any morning.

Amy Board

Job title: Everyjob Meister.
Job Description: Sales Administrator.
Role: Customer service with a non-stop smile.
Favourite drink: Caramel Latte.
Fascinating facts: Otters sleep holding hands so they can’t drift apart.

Lisa Keen

Job title: Tea Meister.
Job Description: Stock Queen.
Role: Orders, stock control, fount of all customer knowledge.
Favourite drink: Perfect Cuppa!
Fascinating facts: Minature Pinschers AREN’T very small dobermanns.

Zara Brazil

Job Title: Sparky mug!
Job Description: Administration assistant.
Role: Keeps the web site up to date, brings new stuff online.
Favourite Drink: Cappuccino - I love the milky ones too!!
Fascinating Fact: The only state in the U.S that grows coffee beans is Hawaii.

Richard Goss

Job title: China Mug.
Job Description: Doing the stuff none of us understand, like money and finance.
Role: Purchasing of our product lines that are not actual tea and coffee. Frequenting the Far East.
Favourite drink: Americano, no sugar. Can’t stand all those milky ones.
Fascinating facts: a duck’s quack will not echo

Rob Lowe

Job title: Logistics Mug.
Job Description: Man in charge (well in his mind anyway!
Role: Management of the customer services and logistical aspects of our business. Dealing with each stage of an order from stock allocation through to dispatch. (oooh, this sounds SO exciting! And to think we know him!)
Favourite drink: Café Latte – I do like the milky ones.
Fascinating facts: I didn’t actually star in St Elmo’s Fire.

Liz O’Brien

Job title: Raging Nomad.
Job Description: Pointing at things and asking ‘why?’
Role: Mostly what no-one else has time to do.
Favourite drink: Spiced gingerbread latte…
Fascinating facts: 50% of all facts are made up on the spot!

Jack Brett

Job title: Senior Warehouse Assistant.
Role: Manage the picking, checking and dispatch of orders.
Favourite drink: Old fashioned English brew.
Fascinating facts: Coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity on earth.

Elliot Millais

Job Title: Business Development.
Role: Developing the business on new platforms, bringing new products to market.
Favourite Drink: Espresso.
Fascinating fact: British cows moo in regional accents.

Katie Smith

Job title: Administrator.
Role: Manage incoming customer service and sales enquiries and dealing with the associated paperwork.
Favourite drink: (coffee tea etc related please) Hot Chocolate.
Fascinating facts: You are more likely to be killed by a Champagne cork than by a poisonous spider.

Louisa Fairclough

Job title: Apprentice Administrator.
Role: Helping to keep the website up to date and also managing incoming customer service and sales enquiries.
Favourite drink: Cappuccino
Fascinating facts: Coffee beans are actually the pit of a berry, meaning it is a fruit. So it should count as 1 of your 5 a day...